Managing the most unpredictable season in real time

Using sensors attached to your building’s steel, wood, or concrete structure, Tensio measures the weight of the snow and keeps you updated in real time, 24 hours a day, on an easy-to-use app. Instead of eyeballed estimates on inspection rounds, now you have reliable engineering data you can use to better plan your snow removal operations. The app also learns the structure’s behavior to better predict the impact of incoming weather events. Protect the value of your building and the safety of its occupants, 24/7.


Avoid costly and dangerous emergency operations

Target areas with critical snow buildup before they become a problem

Anticipate your maintenance operations

Easily keep track of your activities

Replace your biased observations with reliable engineering data

Have access to the current state of your roof anytime, directly from your mobile device

Preserve the value of your buildings

Ensure occupant’s health & safety

Reduce your insurance premium (depending of your insurance company)

Make the move from reactive maintenance
to preventive maintenance

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